Lili Miro - a celebrated premium luxury personal buyer for the rich and famous

Lili Miro is one of the most respected fashion advisors in the Middle East and a celebrated personal buyer for the rich and famous.

During her career in high-end, cutting-edge fashion over many years in Europe, Lili Miro worked exclusively with corporate leaders, celebrities and independently wealthy clients in London, Milan, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam.

Luxury Shopping for Men service in Dubai

Lili Miro is now established in Dubai where she has founded her own Luxury Shopping for Men service to address the needs and wishes of an increasing number of discerning residents and visitors to the region.

Dubai is a premium destination for the international business community and VIP guests alike who demand only the finest things in life. Lili Miro is the perfect starting point for gentlemen to explore the world of luxurious possibilities that this city has to offer.

Premium brands only

Lili Miro is an expert in luxurious living and knows in fine detail how affluent men realise the impact that their dress code has on both their social image and continued career prosperity. Lili Miro selects and purchases only the very top brands to design and create the sophisticated man’s ultimate image and distinctive lifestyle.

luxury request management service

However, apart from fulfilling the styling aspirations of CEO’s, entrepreneurs, businessmen and billionaires that frequent Dubai, Lili Miro conducts a boutique luxury request management service where, for example, a private client’s request for dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant or for a private jet over the weekend is handled and delivered seamlessly.

Lili Miro, the luxury personal shopping consultancy in Dubai