millionaires and billionaires care about the way they dress!

The 21st Century has brought with it a new phenomenon: An increasing number of millionaires and billionaires who care about the way they dress!

The days when fabulously wealthy gentlemen were considered eccentrics - who dressed like tramps - are gone. Even for the most affluent of men, the right image and appearance gives a tremendous advantage and edge in the corporate world as well as in their social surroundings where competition amongst the very rich is rife.

unique personality and that is what I give to my clients

As an entrepreneur and styling expert, I understand how men think through the eyes of a woman. For me, seeing a well-groomed man is a work of art. But every vision of beauty must contain its own unique personality and that is what I give to my clients – individual character.

First impressions cannot be bought. And they do more than count – they last!

Being well-dressed and exuding style at an important meeting or amongst peers demonstrates organisational confidence and a professional personality. It marks these individuals as men of value – and has nothing to do with bank accounts. With today’s busy lifestyles and demands on time, royalty, celebrities, businessmen and entrepreneurs find it tedious to go shopping for well-designed, superior quality, high-end clothing.

They demand the very best and they need the very best NOW. Lili Miro understands “Billionaire” values on time and style. That’s why, when successful men come to Dubai, a World of Luxury awaits them instantly.

Lili Miro is on speed dial.

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