"Firstly, living in Dubai is like coming home. Emiratis are so warm and welcoming - I love the way they make you feel; as though you have belonged here your whole life.

So it is fitting that having experienced and appreciated the culture of style found in the Middle East, I believe that Dubai is the future of fashion in the 21st Century. This is why I chose the World’s most dynamic city to expand my exclusive Luxury Shopping For Men consultancy and fill the gap that was evidently missing for elite individuals based in Dubai.

As an entrepreneur and styling expert, I understand how men think through the eyes of a woman. For me, seeing a well-groomed man is a work of art. But every vision of beauty must contain its own unique personality and that is what I give to my clients – individual character.

Fabulously successful men occupy an unparalleled status in society, yet they do not have the time to seek out their own individualised identity. Having understood and lived in the culture of luxurious lifestyles found in Europe, I am able to guide my premier clients to find and follow their own pathway to high-class style and image in Dubai.

However, successful men are busy men. I realised very quickly that personally shopping for bespoke suits and high-end fashion items for the refined man forms just a segment of their lifestyle requirements. I recognised that providing a first-class and superior luxury request service to the very wealthy was also in demand. Hence, I set up Lili Miro Luxury Request Management, which runs alongside Lili Miro’s luxury shopping enterprise.

I manage this facility as a confidential and private organiser - not as a globalised consortium. Whatever my private clients desire to complement their lives – a diamond ring, a chauffeur driven car, tickets to the Opera – a whisper in my ear is sufficient for their wish to be granted in a heartbeat ... always sourced and delivered with style!

Intimate knowledge of niche clothing brands matched with unrivalled connections in luxury living allows me to create a bespoke lifestyle for the most cultured of men.

This is the Lili Miro hallmark of excellence.”

Lili Miro's words about luxury personal shopping consultancy