• Accessorise your wear; accessorise your time – how and when by Lili Miro.


  • Wardrobe wishes - made-to-measure garments at home, your hotel or office.

  • Outfits organised and prepared for each of your events.

  • Ready-to-wear the moment you’re ready to wear - and not before.

  • Linen or leather; silk or cotton: your wish, my tailor - bespoke suit done.

  • Designer brands destined for you – acquired today, worn today.


  • On the next occasion that time is poor but the need is rich,

  • First and foremost, simply ask Lili Miro luxury requests.


  • Limousines; or your choice: chauffeur driven, or as you wish.

  • Unique reservations: dinner for two, opera for three, yacht for four?

  • Xceptional management of your personal wishes and confidential requests.

  • Unrivalled gifts: for those you love and for those who deserve.

  • Right on time: signed by you, sealed by me, delivered by us - in style.

  • Yes ... is your answer.

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