5 Insights From Lili Miro – Dubai’s First And Only Luxury Stylist For Men

Luxury styling is conducted by an expert personal stylist who advises individuals, celebrities and corporate executives on fashion and lifestyle trends, clothing styles, and colours…

1. What does Luxury Styling mean?

Luxury styling is conducted by an expert personal stylist who advises individuals, celebrities and corporate executives on fashion and lifestyle trends, clothing styles, and colours.

Modern day luxury is often associated with financial expense and extravagance. Yet, luxury also refers to comfort, security, and elegance. Styling is a contemporary term for fashionable design and arrangement or performance for an intended audience. As such, Luxury Styling means to consult on someone’s appearance to attain a well-received public image.

Luxury Styling incorporates and matches an individual’s unique character and personality with bespoke clothing and elegant attire. Due to the explosion of social media, top-level personalities use luxury stylists to, firstly, boost their own personal confidence, and secondly, to enhance their corporate credibility and marketing appeal globally.

Luxury Styling is the modern go-to service for those who understand that reaching financial milestones and private goals begins on improving personal style and image.

2. Why is image so important for men?

A man’s image has a number of elements: the way he dresses, the colours he chooses, and the way he walks and talks are some of the more essential components in determining a man’s success.

However, the most important image of a man can never be heard; it is seen. A well-groomed man who dresses with style is immediately perceived as confident and attractive. Those are two traits that men aspire to: the overriding message is one of credibility.

Having the right image is the most important asset a man can own. His personal image, or the perception that image portrays to people around him, will affect every aspect of his life – business, social, and private relationships.

Whoever he is or whatever he does, success ultimately depends on what people think about him – and those thoughts are governed, foremost, by the image people see and perceive.

3. What difference has the 21st Century brought to the boardroom?

The modern day boardroom is vibrant! Younger, eclectic international personalities from different cultures are replacing stereotypical board members. Additionally, the long-overdue rise of women as leaders of industry has transformed the 21st Century boardroom into one of style! No longer is an off-the-peg, ill-fitting, grey suit sufficient attire to sway the vote!

High-end, eye-catching brands demonstrate, not wealth, but the power to make the right decisions. Positively influencing colleagues at the highest level starts with the right image.

Today, shareholders, investment partners, and clients want people at the top to be approachable; to be liked; to be charismatic; to be influential! Nothing works better for the 21st Century executive than dressing with style, elegance and panache.

4. Which has more influence: The Company brand or the personal image?

The company brand might be more influential when a business starts out but there comes a time when an established brand stands and falls on its founders’ personal image.

In today’s ‘meta-data’ age, people can access different sources of information about Company CEO’s and managers. In order to preserve a positive corporate reputation, personal image must correspond and match with the company brand.

By aligning personal image with the company brand, exposure and awareness is doubled. Consequently, an increasing sphere of influence attracts new clients and profitable business. People are visual when it comes to being influenced – with social media ruling the way of we see others.

An elegant CEO who keeps an eye on his image is an irreplaceable asset to the Company’s profits!

5. What really counts: The first impression or a lasting impression?

7 seconds to make a positive first impression! Yes, people sub-consciously make decisions that quickly. The first impression is a feeling based on little evidence, but it counts. Yet, what is confirmed beyond doubt – instantly – is someone’s appearance!

That’s why the way we dress is so vital for others to have trust and be confident. Our eyes take in the vision and, in milliseconds, the brain translates that image into a perceived reality rather than a conscious judgement.

Exuding style and elegance at the outset has a major effect on lasting impressions. Positive first images cannot be dismantled from somebody’s mind easily. By ensuring style and elegance always match the standards set in that first meeting, the seeds to cementing a long and fruitful relationship are sown.

Just to be clear, a positive lasting impression counts for a lifetime of seconds – not just 7!

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