Latest Personal Clothing Stylist For Men Dubai - Lili Miro

About Me


Lili Miro is one of the most respected fashion stylists in the Middle East and, for over 15 years, a celebrated personal advisor to the rich and famous. Now based In Dubai, Lili Miro has successfully established her own Luxury Styling and Bespoke Wardrobe Planning company which works exclusively and uniquely with men.

“For me, seeing a well-groomed man is a work of art.

During her career in high-end, cutting-edge fashion in London, Paris, Milan and Amsterdam, Lili Miro worked extensively with corporate leaders, celebrities and independently wealthy men.

“I believe that Dubai is the future of fashion in the 21st Century. That’s why I chose the World’s most dynamic city to expand Luxury Styling for Men to an increasing number of discerning residents, businessmen, and visitors to the region who demand only the finest things in life.”

Lili Miro is a style mentor. She is not only an expert in high-end style, but also guides her clients way beyond the image. She knows in fine (forensic even) detail how important the impact of dress code for affluent men is on both their social image and continued career prosperity.

“Successful men are busy men. I realised very quickly that personally searching for bespoke suits and high-end fashion items for the refined man forms just a segment of their lifestyle requirements.”

Lili Miro selects and purchases only the very top brands to tailor and design the sophisticated man’s ultimate image and distinctive lifestyle.

“Intimate knowledge of niche clothing brands and trends matched with unrivalled connections in luxury living allows me to create a bespoke and individualised identity for the most cultured of men.”

However, along with styling many CEO’s, millionaires and billionaires that frequent Dubai, Lili Miro also provides her clients a first-class and superior service.

“I guide all of my clients on a one to one basis in a highly confidential and private manner – not as a globalised consortium. When my client desires elegance and chic, then a whisper in my ear is sufficient for their wish to be granted in a heartbeat and delivered seamlessly in style!

This is the Lili Miro hallmark of excellence.”